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MFF Chemicals

We are responsible brand providing wide range of Chemicals.

MFF Chemicals

All Chemicals delivered to your warehouse or site.

MFF Chemicals

Local Indonesia Chemical Supplier. Importer of various bulk Chemicals.


Top Reasons to Choose Us

Qualified Technical Team, with customer centric approach. We put our 100 percent to get your requirement fulfilled. All products meet and exceed quality and price expectations. We focus to improve your profitability.

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    Industries we serve

    We serve various industries across the world.


    Oil/Gas Industry

    We serve oil/gas industry in upstream for the Oilfield drilling chemicals. Also for the downstream with the Chemicals required in the downstream.

    Mining Industry

    Specialty Chemicals required in all mining operations we support. Nickel Mining or any other extraction or ore refining or refining process we are there.

    Palm Oil Industry

    Palm Oil industry is key in Southeast Asia. We specialize in stocking and supplying all important chemicals used in Palm Oil production

    Industrial Chemical Suppliers

    We supply industrial standard chemicals like Hydrogen Peroxide, ammonia, chlorine, sodium chloride, Hydrochloric acid, citric acid, lactic acid, and many more..

    Chemicals for Food Industry

    All chemicals used in food industry we provide them. Acetic acid or any other chemical used in food preservation or processing we have them.

    Rubber and Leather Processing

    Rubber and Leather industry chemicals supplier. We stock and supply different chemicals in rubber and leather industry

    Paper and Pulp Industry

    Paper and Pulp chemicals supplier. We also serve paper and pulp industry.

    Water Treatment Industry

    Water Treatment Chemicals Supplier. It is another important service industry to treat all affluent from industries, we provide all related chemicals too
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    Safe Chemicals Handling

    • MFF Chemicals follows all standard procedures in handling chemicals.
    • We are responsible company in handling bulk orders and delivering on time, every time.
    • Safety is number one priority. All our team members full strict safety procedures.
    Our Products
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    Chemicals transportation in Safe manner.

    • All our transporter are trained to handle our deliveries with due care, following all safety procedures.
    • Quality, Quantity and Safety never compromised with MFF Chemical's products,
    Our Products
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    Our products and services always keep improving.


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